Should not have to pay more

Published: Wednesday, 22 February 2023

CONTRIBUTOR T Lang has had no few boaters agreeing with his comments about genuine continuous cruisers:

I Agree with T Lang on boats being around the same area, writes Anthony Crompton.

As a genuine continuous cruiser why should I have to pay more? Surely the ones who stay around the same area should be penalised.

I know for a fact a lot say medical condition forces them to stay around that area but it don't stop them going to the pub does it?

Coming back a few weeks later

T Lang has hit the ball on the head when he differentiates between the genuine and non-genuine continuous cruisers, writes Duncan Peters.

There are many I see who move just yards back and forth when they should be moving much more and not coming back a few weeks later, but that reflects on such as myself who does play be the rules.

But they will be the first to scream if they have to pay more, and those people should pay more as they are getting little more than a permanent mooring for free.

[There were other emails in the same vein but a name was not given—Editor]