Oh no it isn't!

Published: Wednesday, 22 February 2023

 THE stoppage notices these days are getting absolutely ridiculous.

Time and time again they give misinformation.

Today, not only telling of the stoppage (or is it?) on the Ashby from the 13th February on the 20th February—a week late—but then it changed as from starting on the 13th March, but now a stoppage on the wrong lock, Keith Gudgin reports.

Wrong lock!

First this stoppage notice told that Field's Lock on the Lee Navigation was out of action so the navigation closed, then obviously the trust being told of its mistake, another stoppage notice appeared telling it wasn't Field's Lock after all but Dobb's Lock!

Many boaters tell us of the misinformation purveyed by the stoppage notices, our Keith Gudgin pointing out no few, as these two mistakesor is it three?today.

Boaters also tell such misinformation reflects on what the trust tells.