Repaired bridge fails again

Published: Wednesday, 22 February 2023

IT WAS just three year ago that a bridge on the Ashby Canal was extensively repaired.

BramcoteRoadBridge worksBut Brancote Road Bridge (6) has failed again, closing the navigation in the process, Keith Gudgin reports. He asking:

"This bridge was extensively rebuilt in 2019 so why is it in such a poor state now? No wonder there is no money left!"

Sloppy job

It seems though once again a sloppy job with the contractors, as time and time again these days, things are 'repaired' then again fail, requiring another visit from the contractors.

And the stoppage notice is listed as from the 13th February, yet issued today the 20th—a week later!

LATEST: A further stoppage notice today states:

Works are now planned in for the 13th March, please see link to notice for details. 

Not sure if the navigation is open or closed as conflicting notices.