Suspected arson attack on narrowboat

Published: Wednesday, 22 February 2023

A NARROWBOAT has been burnt-out in a suspected arson attack.

Vandals are suspected of ransacking a narrowboat and then setting it on fire in Wigan.

On towpath moorings

The boat was moored on the towpath moorings by Dover Lock on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and was attacked in the early hours of Monday.  No one was in the boat at the time.

The emergency people were told that there had been people 'messing about' around the boat earlier in the evening and after the fire a petrol can was found discarded on the towpath.

Also scattered on the towpath were utensils out of the boat showing that the inside had been ransacked.

Some time before reported

Though various fire crews attended, it was some time before the fire was reported and so it was virtually destroyed by the time they arrived at the scene.

With all its identification being destroyed in the fire it has been impossible to ascertain who is the owner of the narrowboat.