Two things that don't exist!

Published: Wednesday, 22 February 2023

It seems we now have at least two things that don't exist, despite CRT trying to persuade us that they do, wites Anne Husar.

A 'boating season' and a 'continuous cruising licence'.

As the use of the latter invalidates some questions on CRT's boat licence consultation, NABO has asked both CRT and the research group who compiled the survey for those questions to be removed. After all, it would be such a waste of CRT's money if this consultation's results were compromised in this way, wouldn't it? In the meantime, NABO advises boaters to put on hold answering the survey until this issue has been corrected.

NABO has been listened to

UPDATE: Well it seems that NABO has been listened to as I have received an email that this has been amended and now reads 'licence holders who CC' but unfortunately I'm also getting reports from boaters that this reference to a non-existent licence appears in other places within the survey too.

I have asked for those who had already attempted to answer the incorrect version and submitted their survey be contacted to enable them to accurately respond but apparently CRT have no intention of doing this. The final results of this consultation will therefore remain open to question and I suggest that any boater who this affects, email CRT about it.

Told they cannot claim

Back to the use of 'continuous cruising licence'. This has appeared on the government's latest advice on claiming the energy grant for off gridders and has successfully led to this group of boaters being told that they cannot claim.

Of course, NABO does not know who it was that gave that incorrect terminology to the BEIS but it has been very effective in isolating this group from being able to claim any help towards their spiralling fuel costs, see

NABO will continue to monitor the use by CRT of both 'boating season' and 'continuous cruiser licence' and hold them to account whenever necessary.