Wheelchair boater stuck by damaged path

Published: Friday, 20 January 2023

A DISABLED ex army vet is being forced to leave his home as his wheelchair cannot cope with the state of the path by his narrowboat moorings.

This is not the normal towpath but a private path serving the moorings that has become cracked and broken-up with Dave Marshall unable to negotiate it in his wheelchair, Keith Gudgin reports.

New Islington Marina

His narrowboat is moored at New Islington Marina, Manchester, and he described the path as the 'bane of my life', and if it is not repaired soon he will be forced to leave.

The path and land surrounding the marina are owned by Plumlife, who are allowing the path to get into a terrible state of repair, and now using the reason of floods and frost for it not being repaired.

Dave remarks that at the moment it is frozen but no salt has been spread on it, that leaves it in an even worse condition. The last time it was frozen all they put on was builders' sand, that he claimes was useless.

He tells that he will be forced out of his home if the path is not made more wheelchair friendly.