Waterways at a standstill

Published: Saturday, 31 December 2022

FROM the accounts of boaters and particularly continuous cruisers, the waterways are virtually at a standstill at present.

The very cold couple of weeks, with ice on some waterways stopped any attempt at cruising, then followed by virtually constant rain and cold winds saw only such as the coal boats making progress to service their customers who were becoming desperate for fuel.

Risked not moving

No few continuous cruisers have told us they risked not moving after the required 14 days owing to the weather conditions, prepared to risk staying-put until better conditions prevailed.  (They asked their names not be included!)

It seems too that work on the waterways has ceased, with no important stoppage notice information for weeks, perhaps the holidays have also interfered.

Visitors too, are few and far between boaters tell us, with just the occasional hardy dog walker taking to the bleak towpaths at this time of year.

All are obviously hoping for better things over the coming weeks.