Learning about the waterways

Published: Saturday, 31 December 2022

I HAVE been meaning to put my thoughts in writing and the holidays have given me the opportunity writes Jeff Wright.

Learnt nothing

Wanting to learn about the way the waterways are operated, being in the market for a narrowboat, I was told that Canal & River Trust  organised things, so reading its literature I discovered the open meetings and so chose the one being given by these people but I learnt nothing.

Really, all the meeting comprised of was a man reading a presentation of what the organisation was doing and how marvellous were the waterways, but what I objected to was the chap was actually reading the literature that was on the table at the front of everybody, we were being treated as little more than school children.

Then came the questions and answers that was a mockery and it was then it sunk in that all we had were excuses deftly then turned into praise for what was going to be done.

So much hype

It was here that the person next to me handed me a note with your web address, and going on to it was amazed, for I very soon realised that the meeting was all so much hype and nothing near reality, and so decided on hiring rather than buying and pleased that I did as attempting to take what is known as the Cheshire Ring was soon stuck by broken locks trying to get to Marple, but was 'lucky' enough to be told about them so could turn around and go back, then had to wait in Manchester as another lock was being mended.

Needless to say though I was most interested, I will not be purchasing a narrowboat or even hiring again unless of course something drastic takes place.