Be careful when mooring in Stratford

Published: Friday, 09 December 2022

A OVERHAUL of outdated byelaws controlling the types of activities allowed at Bancroft Gardens, including the moorings, is set to be approved, Roger Fox writes.

StratfordCouncillors look set to approve the making of the new byelaws which would see pursuits such as the lighting of sky lanterns, cycling, bathing, playing ball games and throwing missiles all banned when a full meeting of Stratford District Council takes place on Monday 12th December.

New byelaws governing the Bancroft Gardens and the Recreation Ground in Stratford-upon-Avon are set to be approved by the District Council.

Cover all the moorings

The new byelaws cover all the moorings within the main town area on both the canal and the Avon and will affect what moorers can do. For example fires (aka barbecues) are forbidden as is striking and discarding a match!

No football and bad behaviour either.