Getting their act together

Published: Friday, 09 December 2022

IT SEEMS that, in spite of freezing temperatures, the same boater reports that the contractors at Shebdon have got their act together, writes Anne of Nabo.

ShebdenStopLockThey have done really well today, with the stoppage now well on target to finish on time, good news!

Did really well

Yes, after a slow start, the contractors did really well in the following days and this freezing weather at Shebdon Embankment on the Shroppie for a proposed stoppage to replace a stop gate that had 'gone missing'!

Photo courtesy of Shebdon Farm Moorings.

On investigation in late November it was found that 'the gate head had rotted that much that the gate has fell over and is now lying in the bottom of the canal', according to the West Midland Region Stoppage/Construction Co-ordinator.