It's more than a billion Victor, it's six!

Published: Monday, 21 November 2022

FOLLOWING Victor's revelation that active use of the waterways and the towpaths saves the NHS £1.1 billion, there is more, writes T Lang.

It was Richard Parry, presenting his report to MPs who stated that the combined annual economic and social value of the waterways amounts to £6.1 billion!

Annual economic value

He breaking it down to £1.5 billion annual economic value from water-based tourism and jobs, and annual social value of £4.6 billion, which includes £1.1 billion cost saving to the NHS from active use of the waterways and the towpaths.  So does that mean saving the NHS £1.1 billion a year?  Phew!

Believe it if you will, but I certainly can't, but seeing how some of our MPs carry on, perhaps they will!

If CaRT gets the cash, we can't grumble, unless of course, as is quite usual these days, it is spent on other than the waterways.  Perhaps a couple more lawyers to add to those—is it six, already?