And there's more...

Published: Monday, 21 November 2022

JUST had a peruse of the Boaters' Update, and talk about propaganda? It's unbeatable, writes James Henry.

In addition to all those billions in economic value—from wherever they are conjured-up, there is now a footbridge in Camden, the Dead Dog Bridge, that carries a million people a year, that's an average of 2,740 a day!

Come, of course, rain, shine or high water!

News Round-up

This is given in the News Round-up, that only carried two items, the other about the number of eels that come 3,000 miles from Bermuda to find their way up the Trent, and even this is wrong as it;s 3,500 miles not including the passage along the English Channel and North Sea!

I just wonder what next?