Not surprised at the claim

Published: Monday, 21 November 2022

I WAS not at all surprised to read that CaRT believed it saved the NHS over a billion pounds, writes Duncan Peters.

LeicesterSectionWhen it tells of the millions that are supposed to use its towpaths, and most certainly do not, what do you expect?  I'm looking forward to the next stupid claim!

My photo taken on the Leicester Section shows just how many use the towpaths!  How many thousands a day is it supposed to be?

Anything is possible

Anything is possible now that it has to impress the government that is hanging back from stating how much funding CaRT will get.

So look out for more silly claims, and here is one for them—why not claim that the towpaths saved a billion deaths from Covid perhaps?  (I was going to state 'million' but CaRT is now into billions!)

So it will soon be a billions towpath uses, or is it already?  Not on the one above, that's for sure!