Victor reveals CaRT wants us to believe it saves the NHS over a billion pounds!

Published: Saturday, 19 November 2022

FOR the first time ever, just one subject from me, showing the lengths Canal & River Trust is going to attempt to impress.

Over the years we have had some ridiculous statistics from Canal & River Trust, but the latest really takes the biscuit.

It now tells us that active use of the waterways and the towpaths saves the NHS £1.1 billion!

How the hell do they work that out? And I notice it does not state for what period it covers, which rather gives it the lie, eh?

And how on earth the waterways and towpaths save the NHS money is not actually stated.

I would have thought that with the NHS having to deal with those injuries from speeding bikers on the towpaths and the many deaths plus the scores of drowning in the waterways, it would have cost the NHS, and certainly not saved them over a billion pounds.

It's crackers!

Victor Swift