Extending the 'Don't Drink and Drown' campaign

Published: Saturday, 19 November 2022

THE Royal Lifesaving Society UK has this year extended its annual Don’t Drink and Drown campaign to cover the FIFA World Cup tournament.

This means the campaign will begin next Monday 21st November and run until the 18th December.

Those living on boats need to be particularly mindful, and the society is advising people to plan their routes home when going out drinking, that is particularly advisable to boaters, whose boats are obviously on water.

Can be dangerous

With a possible frost, jetties can be dangerous for those tied to them in marinas, and those moored bank-side without lighting need to be particularly careful.

In these circumstances the advice from the society of not to walk home alone is sensible, though for lone liveaboards it is not always possible, so needs extra care.

The society reminds people that 80 people a year loose their lives from drowning after drinking, with the peak around the Christmas festivities.