Old AND new New Main Line closed

Published: Monday, 14 November 2022

BOTH the Old and New Main Line at Wolverhampton/Birmingham are currently closed.

wolverhampton 21The Wolverhampton Flight of 21 locks (pictured) is closed yet again through vandals emptying pounds and thus closing the flight, Keith Gudgin reports.

This is becoming a frequent occurrence now that the anti-vandal locks have either worn-out or broken, and as the trust has most likely sold the tools to repair them it seems as though it will have to be filled every day!

It is hoped the pounds will be filled again later today as the 'team' is in charge.

Car in canal

The New Main Line is closed at Lock 3 at Factory Locks at Tipton as a car is in the canal thus closing the navigation.

Strangely the stoppage notice tells this is owing to vandalism!