Least importance of its activities

Published: Monday, 14 November 2022

I'M BEGINNING to think that boating is the least important of CaRT's activities, writes T Lang.

It forever flogs 'Better by Water' and the all things relating, but there is little at all about the waterways for boating.

The annual general meeting was a prime example of all things that it told it was so good at, but any questions from the audience concerning boating were very short lived resulting in the usual clap-trap swerve from the actual questions.

Terrible condition of its waterways

Time and time again we are bombarded with articles but none actually state the terrible condition of its waterways—that should be its prime interest—and what it is doing about it.

Yet the facts are clear at nearly one stoppage a day all through the summer.  And now it is getting rid of  what must be the last of its equipment and tools that can only point to more work in the hands of those useless contractors, that seem to need a working week to do anything.

The future for us boaters looks very bleak.