Jammed foot resulted in car in the Avon

Published: Wednesday, 16 November 2022

A WOMAN was driving her car away from the Avon Boat Club when her foot became jammed on the accelerator sending it into the Avon.

Disabled Gina Dallison was rescued from the sinking car by a Stratford Boat Club member who assisted her back to the bank,  Roger Fox reports.

She had put the car into reverse and her foot became jammed sending the car into the Avon in Stratford.

In middle of river

It finished up in the middle of the river then started to sink with Gina being rescued and the vehicle marked with a buoy.

She told the Stratford Herald that she was not too worried about the swim back to the bank as she was a 'wild swimmer' and used to cold water.

The car was quickly removed from the rive to prevent any pollution.