Lock repaired—then failed again the following day!

Published: Wednesday, 26 October 2022

IT WAS on Sunday that Lemonroyd Lock (7) was closed with a failure.

lemonroyd2But the Aire & Calder lock was quickly brought into use the same day, with boaters told it was then open for normal operation, Keith Gudgin reports.

Worse than expected

Alas, the repair did not last, as Canal & River Trust told on Monday that after further investigation, the damage is worse than expected so there is now an emergency closure of the lock with immediate effect.

This means the lock cannot be operated from the ground by boaters but would have to be operated from the control tower by staff, but there is the  possibility of operating the lock from the tower on a limited basis.

This operation would be only for the next three days between now and Friday. Also this would be for narrowboats only.

The photograph shows our own boat in the massive Lemonroyd Lock, that can now only be used by narrowboats!

LATEST:The lock was fully opened on Friday 28th October.