What to make of it?

Published: Monday, 24 October 2022

AS WE usually have a couple of cruises late in the year I have been perusing the list of winter stoppages, writes T. Lang.

We have a good heating system in the boat, even for the steerer, so the colder weather is no real detriment, and of course the waterways are less crowded.

Constantly changed

But I have to agree with Anne from NABO that the winter list is being constantly changed, and quite frankly this is a poor reflection on those at CaRT who organize these stoppages as it gives the impression they do not know what they are doing, cancelling some stoppages whilst bringing in others.

Though she was told the winter stoppage list was now settled, how come there has been another changed?

One thing in our favour though is that so many of the winter stoppages get cancelled that it would seem better for boaters, but then they get an  emergency stoppage with short notice, showing that the stoppage should have been done after all as it was in such poor condition.

Two stoppages this weekend

Then of course we get the 'normal' stoppages. We had two this weekend with both the Aire & Calder and Huddersfield Narrow closed.  Mind you, it is a great risk attempting the 'Narrow' as anyone taking notice of its many stoppages will know, which is a great pity considering the millions spent on bringing it back into use yet allowing such restricted use of what is the most scenic waterway on the system.

But back to our winter cruises. We'll just have to wait and see, like I expect will many other boaters wanting to take advantage of the winter waterways.