Only eight passages a week through Harecastle

Published: Wednesday, 12 October 2022

THERE will only be eight passages a week each way through Harecastle Tunnel up to the end of February.

And these will have to be booked 48 hours in advance if passage is required through the Trent & Mersey Canal tunnel, Keith Gudgin reports.

harecastlePassages 9am to 12 noon only

From Tuesday 1st November 2022 until Tuesday 28th February the tunnel is only available for passage between 9am to 12noon on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

North to south access will be either 9am or 11am and south to north either 10am or 12 noon.

Over the Christmas holiday period the tunnel will be closed from Sunday 25th December to Tuesday 27th December and again from 1st January and re-open for passage on Wednesday 4th January.

As to the times allowed to negotiate Harecastle Tunnel, Keith added:

Hour and a quarter

"The last time I followed anybody through it was a hirer and he took an hour and a quarter!

"Every time he touched the side he slowed down more, so he touched the side more, so he slowed down more until I was in neutral and shouted at him to speed up and get out!

"Let's just hope they don't start a boat from both ends at 10 o'clock?"

 [During one of our cruises a hire boat took exactly one hour 26 minutes to come through the tunnel. We were in the queue waiting at the other end to go in—Editor.]