Can't pass in the tunnel!

Published: Wednesday, 12 October 2022

I WONDER if Canal & River Trust realise that Harecastle is a narrow tunnel and boats are not able to pass, asks David Furore.

Allowing just an hour to get through before boaters are allowed in at the other end is not long enough, as I was is a queue of boats going through in August behind one who was ricocheting from side to side as he was going so slow and the boat directly behind him made no attempt to tell him he would do better going faster.

Trying our best

So we were all trying our best to keep our boats straight, with the wake from the boats ahead making it impossible. But of course the volunteers are not allowed to tell boaters to keep up a decent speed, as those ultimately in charge will not be aware of the advantage to so instruct the inexperienced.

I had noticed the time when we went in and it took one hour 21 minutes for us to get through.  Not quite as slow as the one you were waiting for, but the volunteers running the operation nowadays tell of many that take over an hour.

Someone should tell those at Canal & River Trust who make up these silly times the reality of the situation, for as hell, they surely don't know.