More teams and fewer stoppages

Published: Monday, 10 October 2022

IT IS getting to a stage I believe that the news there were 27 stoppages in September is now no surprise, writes T Lang.


I see Victor pointing out that 'with a really unbelievable 11 swing/lift bridges closed in just one month, it must surely show that whoever is repairing them has actually no idea what they are doing or just making further cushy work for themselves'.

I believe it is the latter, as it really must be a cushy number out in the wilds messing about with a lift/swing bridge instead of working on a dangerous motorway, which is CaRT's contractors' normal work.

Hence the lift/swing bridge repaired just enough to last a week or two then back for another go, especially on the Winkwell Swing Bridge on the Grand Union Canal with the 'Three Horse Shoes' next door.  So little wonder it's breakdowns are catching up with the Coxhead on the Leeds & Liverpool!  Not sure if that has a nearby pub.

Do better and quicker

I notice that CaRT now has a team itself that seems to do a betterand certainly quicker job, that shows a bit of sense, going back to the old ways of in-house people who know what they are doing instead of contractors dragged from motorway and building works, who certainly don't.

Oh that we can have more such teams and finish the ways of the contractors. Then we will surely have fewer stoppages.