A canal for Cardiff

Published: Monday, 10 October 2022

WALES now has another canal that has recently been uncovered.

DockCanalCardiffPart of the old Dock Feeder Canal has finally been unearthed and is to form the centre of a huge rejuvenation of the city centre, Roger Fox reports.

Now exposed

With work progressing on the redevelopment a section of the waterway has now been exposed, with further to be  opened up and turned into a green public space with outdoor seating and an amphitheatre-style performance area.

The photograph shows the line of the canal in the past.

The Dock Feeder Canal was filled-in between 1948 and 1950, with most of it underneath the modern city centre but some sections still exposed.

70 metres of the canal are expected to be uncovered by the end of next week, with more planned and eventually two footbridges will span the waterway as part of the public space.