RCR rising call-out figures and replacement parts

Published: Monday, 10 October 2022

River Canal Rescue says its number of general call-outs is likely to reach an all-time high by the end of the year.

Figures up to 30th September for electrical, fuel and engine issues, flat batteries, over-heating and gear box failures,are already 3318, ahead of 3235, logged for 2021, and 2850 in 2020.

Becoming problems

RCR says the rise is due to the high number of people unable to visit and maintain their boats during lockdown, resulting in minor niggles now becoming larger problems, with RCR Managing Director, Stephanie Horton, commenting:

“Figures are currently an unseasonable high and we still have a couple of months to go. It’s worth noting that only 14% of call-outs were attended by contractors this year, partially due to their availability, but also in response to customer feedback that they prefer an RCR engineer to attend their boats.

“Considering how busy we have been, it’s likely 2022 will be one of the highest call-out attendances on record. The good weather, new fuel issues, specifically ‘sticky fuel’, and the need for boaters to get out and about have all led to lots of boats on the network.”

455 visits

RCR’s canal contracting service has also arranged 455 visits this year, to undertake a variety of work, including: plumbing and electrical installations, gearbox replacements, inverter, solar installations and general engine maintenance as well as 90 rescue jobs.

So what are the top 10 parts that have broken down so far this year, why do they fail and how much do they cost to replace?

Water pumps—43 replacements due to seal failures, wear & tear, impeller break up and sheared components;
Morse controllers41 replacements due to wear& tear;
Engine mounts30 replacements due to hitting underwater obstacles, wear & tear, age, rubber degrading, misalignment and bolts shearing, came just outside the top 10.