CaRT still continue to plan lock repairs a month later!

Published: Friday, 02 September 2022

THE Severn still remains closed at Upper Lode Lock at Tewkesbury.

It was in July that the lock was closed with a notice on the 1st August telling that 'our teams continue to plan repairs', Keith Gudgin reports.

Still continue to plan repairs

A month later on the 1st September Canal & River Trust tell that 'it is sorry to advise that Upper Lode Lock remains closed whilst our teams continue to plan repairs'!

A month and still planning repairs must seem ridiculous to all, as all it seems is that a new collar needs fabricating.

But now a gate has dropped and needs lifting back.

Bevere Lock closed for a month

THE poor condition of the lock gates on Bevere Lock (7) on the river will close the navigation during October.

At the end of September work will commence to repair the gates of the lock that have dropped on their mountings, but there is evidence that some joints are also failing, resulting in the stoppage.