Will our waterways be at last maintained?

Published: Friday, 02 September 2022

WITH hundreds of millions of pounds being spent on contractors will our waterways be at last maintained? Asks T. Lang.

Just reading this morning that on the 1st August after already telling that contractors 'continue to plan repairs', Canal & River Trust yesterday, 1st September, tell that its contractors 'still continue to plan repairs', the answer to my question is obvious, the waterways will not be at last maintained.

Contractors haven't a clue

It is clear to all that the contractors haven't a clue, with them now taking months to undertake even to plan how to undertake jobs, never mind fulfil them. Jobs that were done in a few days under British Waterways, when its own people knew exactly what they were doing, and the road mending Keir people certainly don't.

And now we are told CaRT is employing seven more contractors in addition to the two already! I would just like to know what these contractors specialise in, for it certainly will not be the waterways.

Under this scheme of employing contractors we had 33 waterways closed during August, that clearly shows that the scheme does not work, what another seven will add to the mix is any one's guess.  My guess is that it will be chaos.

Sold my narrowboat

After 25 years, like I know have many others, I have sold my narrowboat, for it is now such hassle using it, as in our last months holiday, the stoppages allowed exactly three weeks cruising.

With your permission, being a contributor since your start, I hope to be adding my views from time to time. [You will most certainly be allowed—Editor.]