Canal & River Trust employ seven more contractors!

Published: Thursday, 01 September 2022

IT SEEMS the Canal & River Trust has at last realised the shocking state of its waterways as it has awarded £300m for seven more contractors to maintain its waterways, Roger Fox reports.

Requires substantial programme of work

The trust's Chief infrastructure and Programmes Officer, Malcolm Horne, explained:

“The ongoing task of caring for the thousands of historic assets that make up this extraordinary infrastructure network requires a substantial programme of work that, as the charity dedicated to protecting and preserving the waterways, we are committed to investing in. I am delighted to welcome our new contractors who will be working with us to take on this unique challenge.

“Amco, Breheny, CPC Civils, Forkers, Jacksons, Land and Water, and Onsite will be carrying out a suite of projects that will improve the experience for local communities, boaters and visitors, enabling more people to experience the benefits of spending time by the water.”

In addition to present contractors

This is in addition to the present contractors, JN Bentley and Kier who were awarded the £500m complex civil engineering deal by the trust earlier this month.

The seven successful contractors are Amco, Breheny, CPC Civils, Forkers, Jacksons, Land and Water and Onsite who will deliver less complex projects on a regional basis.