Two more August stoppages—making 33 in all!

Published: Thursday, 01 September 2022

TWO more stoppages on the last day in August making it 33 altogether for the month.

And needless to tell one is the fault of boaters!

Lee Navigation closed

The Lee Navigation is closed again, this time at Old Ford Lock (19) due to a problem with an upstream paddle, for which boaters can hardly be blamed.

But another of the same name on the Regent's Canal, Old Ford Lock (8),  can be blamed on boaters.

Canal & River Trust are stating that the breast post for the lock has snapped following an impact, and that the lock has been closed until a formal assessment can be made.

Lack of maintenance

We all know that if the ultra strong breast post on a lock has snapped it must be in very poor condition, so once again boaters get the blame for what is the normal lack of maintenance.

However it is not 31 stoppages in August as we published, but 33—a new record.