Lack of rain taking its toll on the northern canals

Published: Saturday, 20 August 2022

THE lack of rain is certainly taking its toll on the northern waterways.

Ashton closed

With no substantial rainfall the amount of water coming into the Ashton Canal is now insufficient to allow navigation, Keith Gudgin reports.

So the decision has been taken to to close the canal to navigation with immediate effect, with Lock 1 and Lock 18 chained -up.

bosley locksMacclesfield and Peak Forest

Both the Macclesfield and Peak Forest have their flights still chained-up with no navigation, as again, no improvement in their water supply.

These two waterways have had restrictions since April, with boaters unable to 'escape' from above either Bosley Flight on the Macclesfield or Marple Flight on the Peak Forest.

The photograph shows our own boat ascending Bosley Flight in much happier times!

Rochdale stoppage extended

Canal & River Trust tell that to protect its infrastructure and reduce the risk to moored boats, it will be extending the closure of the Rochdale to Lock 48 from next Monday, 22nd August.

So from being closed already from locks 1 to Lock 45, this will be extended to Lock 48, meaning the whole of the eastern section of the canal from Sowerby Bridge to the summit is now closed to navigation.