CaRT crazy or what?

Published: Thursday, 18 August 2022

AFTER being very quiet for some time, I thought it would be of interest to the readers to hear about what our ‘beloved’ CART are up to now to drag money out of the waterway community, writes Orph Mable.

I recently had an unannounced visit from the 'Commercial Surveyor South’ who not only demonstrated his total lack of understanding on matters canal but has now sent me a letter. This letter (Post Office signed for) states that CART wish me to prove why I should not pay £4000 per year for my customers to utilise moorings on our wharf they have ‘requested’ that I send them proof within 10 days!

Accuracy not a CaRT strong point

As most readers will recall that we have been at Oxley [Marine] for many years but in this letter ‘The Commercial Surveyor South’ states that CART is aware that we purchased the property in July 2014 and quotes the Land Registry number. Accuracy is not a CART strong point as we all know. The purchase date is out by a decade and the Registry Number is wrong/incomplete.

It is worth noting that during our ownership of this property, I have supplied BW/CART with safe/secure mooring for their Heritage boats, work boats and contractors vessels. Additionally I have repaired foot bridges and towpaths, and recovered drifting or sinking boats. At no time have I been recompensed.

Never been an option

At the moment I am considering my options. I do find it difficult understand why suddenly in these difficult times for us all, that a CHARITY is attempting to look for ways to source income from somewhere that historically has never been an option.

To suddenly demand that I prove that I am not required to pay £4000 per annum will cost me in time and money and I seriously believe will force me out of business. Just to prove that they have their facts wrong will cost £80.00 +VAT to the Land Registry, plus the stress and time constraints involved.