Grounding warning from River Canal Rescue

Published: Wednesday, 17 August 2022

WITH water shortages and low water levels causing closures in some parts of the inland waterway network, River Canal Rescue is urging boat owners to take care to avoid grounding.

stuck OuseIn the last week, RCR engineers were called to the same spot on the Severn on the approach to Bevere Island from the north. This is a direct navigation to the lock, and due to a build- up of silt in the navigation channel, it’s resulted in three boats becoming grounded, requiring assistance.

Equally perilous

RCR Managing Director Stephanie Horton says the situation is equally perilous elsewhere from the north to the south of England:

“We are getting calls for grounded boats on sections we have never previously had issues with. Groundings are occurring at least twice a week compared to once a month in a typical year.”

The photograph below shows RCR rescuing a boat grounded on the Ribble. 

stuck on ribble360To reduce the risk of grounding, RCR recommends keeping to the deeper channels, do not cut corners and only travel where there is adequate water. Stephanie continues:

Always reverse

“If you do become grounded, empty your tanks, move ballast or people to the floating section and always reverse out the way you came in. And the same goes for other boats tying to help you, always pull back the way you came and use your own engines at the same time.”