Nowhere to go

Published: Friday, 29 July 2022

SO THE Ashton Canal is another that is closed, writes Julian Warne.

This time I can't see any great problem in its closure as at the moment it takes you nowhere!

With both the Huddersfield and Peak Forest closed and both for the umpteenth time I might add, what's the point of working those 18 locks unless you want a working 'there and back' of 36 locks?

Record month for stoppages

For when you get to the junction you are stuck with nowhere to go.  In fact at this time there are lots of canals with 'nowhere to go' and reading stoppage notices I can see this is going to be a record month for stoppages.

It really is beyond the pale for Canal & River Trust to allow the waterways to get in such a shocking state and right in the middle of the season, and it's a pity you cannot publish how many holidays have been ruined by people unable to complete them owing to stoppages, for there must be hundreds.