It's not vandals that are responsible

Published: Thursday, 28 July 2022

I MOOR on the Erewash Canal, and can assure your readers that it is not vandals that are responsible for the lack of water, writes Jeff Revill.

In the mornings the level is usually up to the mark but as the day goes along the level gets lower and lower and I have never seen any vandals about and I cycle and walk the towpath past the locks regularly.


Pure and simple what it is is leakage, either of the canal or the lock gates, and my money is on the lock gates as most leak badly as others have notified you.

In the old days there were vandals around Ilkeston, it was renowned for it and British Waterways made sure all the anti-vandal locks were working, though as a contributor explained kids were making simple keys to fit so they could open paddles.

But since the age of the internet and mobile phones the kids have something to keep themselves occupied, and vandals really are a thing of the past.

No more than an excuse

Looking through the stoppages Keith Gudgin reports I see vandals are often used, but I see it as no more than an excuse for the crumbling infrastructure that causes the many stoppages. 

And they are certainly coming home now that there is less rainfall coupled with the water leaking away.