How organisations plant ideas

Published: Monday, 25 July 2022

I CANNOT help but comment on one of your pieces, writes Walter Cole.

The piece is: 'While the restrictions will restrict the use of the canal by boats, the towpath will remain open for visitors and the local community alike to enjoy'.

Plants ideas

Stealth. This is how organisations plant ideas. In this case the canals can be enjoyed by 850,000,000 people a year without boats.

CaRT have no hope of maintaining the waterways for navigation they are too far gone. Just like Dr Beeching and the railway's branch lines the small canal arms will be re-designated as 'green corridors for wildlife and well being of visitors'.

Local trusts and restoration organisations will be relied on to help locally.

All very sad, I'm only a towpath walker but if I had a boat I'd 'cut' and run...