The latest Weaver drama

Published: Monday, 25 July 2022

WHEN the Victorians put Hunts Lock in place in Northwich back in 1860 they would never know it would later become a protected structure under National Heritage, writes David Collins.

To the point as previously mentioned the new custodian CaRT would spend £450,000 restoring the old bottom gates for even more leaky new gates.

Latest drama

The latest drama on this wonderful structure is that after a lock failure and closures notice issued last month by CaRT at Hunts Lock, they have made another one of the many bodges that fits in with many throughout the system.

Apparently the winding gear for one of the paddles fell off the manned structure twice in a few weeks, the second time it fell off into the mouth of the lock—and into the dark depths of the river.

So to prevent this happening again Cart have put in place its remedies to the heritage structure with improvements of several sand bags! So that next time it happens it won't go off to Davey Jones Locker. Maybe, just maybe, a fix and some faith in their own workmanship would be a better approach to heritage.

Custodians bumble on

But alas the custodians of our heritage bumble on.

Oh! And then that magical Winnington Bridge that's broken but not broken for the ghost ship Danny Adamsonbecause it can't swing because of a mechanical faultbut it does swing the Danny passing through being the proof. Or is it fixed and CaRT don't actually know its fixed...