Correct about living conditions in extreme heat

Published: Wednesday, 20 July 2022

YOUR T. Lang is so correct about the conditions of a narrowboat in extreme heat, writes Phillip Bates.

It was friends who had taken to the life being moored on the Lee that prompted my partner and I to put our combined savings into a narrowboat and moor near our work, but we were certainly unprepared for the heat of the past two days.

Retreat to partners parents

So had no option but to retreat to my partner's parents on Monday night as the heat was overpowering and are seriously thinking of selling-up and retreating to a more civilised mode of living.

Okay, as those on social media blame us for not looking into it more thoroughly, but all we can do is put it down to experience, but the comments are uncalled for.

I upset people by disagreeing with their methods of mooring just where they like  on that special licence [Continuous Cruiser] when they should move every fortnight, and it really upset some that I paid for our moorings.

Not such a good move

All in all it was not such a good move, not realising about the extreme heat, but my own fault for believing what I was told and taken in by thinking I could moor for free for months on end on that licence, that is not legal.