A picture is worth...

Published: Thursday, 14 July 2022

IT'S A WHILE since venting my spleen regarding the state of the inland waterways under this Charitable Trust, writes Brian Jarrett.

Brian2rubbishMany boaters comment on the appalling state of much of the system, it’s infrastructure and the withdrawal of some boaters facilities.

Every picture...

They say every picture is worth a thousand words

Taken on Good Friday on the Ashby Canal. I don’t know how reducing waste disposal points can reduce fly tipping!

Lack of easy maintenance could prevent the need to replace stop planks which may well become urgently needed as breaches become more common.


Blown cill at Hack Green lock but obviously money is at a premium within CaRT!


Mind you when it comes to BLUE signage no expense is spared SIX men to erect a new sign!  All coming in separate new vehicles!


It’s little wonder 'we' have to cut back on keeping tow paths usable.  Spot the canal!  Middlewich Arm.


Finally, we have to accept that signage is required to introduce others to the 'pleasures' of boating on our canals!