So it's vandals again!

Published: Thursday, 14 July 2022

IT'S THE second stoppage this week on the Oxford Canal, so vandals get the blame this time!

Very often nowadays Canal & River Trust use vandals as an excuse for closures, with one boaters on the Grand Union telling she went down to a lock for a walk late and again early morning, and though it was obvious there had been no interference the trust blamed vandals for the empty pound, though the lock below had its paddles well down and gates closed!

Will not fill

This time vandals are being blamed as Dashwood Lock (37) will not fill so the gates cannot be opened, Keith Gudgin reports. 

How those vandals managed that is not stated!  And it seems strange as the lock is miles from any civilisation...

However the lock was 'previously repaired' which perhaps points to the real reason—it was a bodge!