Even more Weaver woes

Published: Thursday, 14 July 2022

WEAVER woes indeed as neither Saltersford, Dutton, Hunts or Vale Royal Locks on the river can be operated normally.

Neither can the swing bridges Canal & River Trust informs boaters.

The reason is that there has been an outbreak of Coronavirus amongst the workers, with resulting limited operation of the locks, with Hunts and Vale Royal remaining closed, Keith Gudgin reports, he adding:

No access to water

"But tough if you're trapped the wrong side of Vale Royal Lock, there isn't even a water point along there!  Stuck for week or more without access to water is something that could be serious in this weather. But then we're just boaters....we don't count as far as CaRT are concerned."

With all the continuous problems with stoppages on the Weaver there is little wonder the river is becoming less of an appeal for boaters.