No more running on towpaths says doctor

Published: Thursday, 24 March 2022

A DOCTOR, desperately attempting to avoid a fast cyclist on the towpath fell into Limehouse Cut.

Tripped on a mooring ring

Dr.Russell Gritton, tripped on a mooring ring as he attempted to get out of the way of the cyclist and plunged several feet into Limehouse Cut in east London, Keith Gudgin reports.

He was left bruised and bloodied. With the cyclist telling him he should get out!

The doctor, who lives in Stepney, east London, was running along the towpath as part of his marathon training when the cyclist came down the towpath, forcing him to move aside, and then into the dirty water, he relating:

Layer of sludge

"About four feet below the water there is this layer of sludge that you can sort of stand on but you start sinking into. I was trying not to think about what was in there, I was just going to use it to stand on and deal with it later psychologically. I’m sure it was probably a dead gangster’s face I was standing on."

It was a passing boater who helped him out of the water, but told that the experience has put him off from running alongside canals in future.