Stoves have to meet new standards

Published: Wednesday, 12 January 2022

REGARDING the pair who are undecided about how to heat their proposed narrowboat, I've only had a stove so can't really judge, write Dom Grant.

But I believe someone should point out to them that from now on any new wood burning stoves will have to meet new standards (brought in 1st January) as they supposedly pose the greatest risk to health and so should be avoided.

Certification required

These are the new EcoDesign standards, meaning they bring in the 'clearSkies' emissions and efficiency certification scheme for stoves that go even further than EcoDesign requirements.

If you're planning to install or replace your wood burning stove with another wood burner in your boat a clearSkies level 5 product is now recommended.

I understand this means using wood that has been kiln dried or seasoned to have a lower moisture content that will be much less polluting as from burning fresh logs.

Not such a good idea

The Clean Air Act applies to all properties, including canal boats and house boats, and then there are certain smoke control areas with their own rules, so I believe that a stove is not such a good idea in view of the rules against them.