Environmental Agency has narrowed down cause of pollution

Published: Wednesday, 12 January 2022

THE Worcester & Birmingham Canal has been polluted since March of last year, but the Environment Agency believes it is near finding the culprits.

The pollution is mainly between Sidbury Lock (3) and Blockhouse Lock (4) in Worcester, Keith Gudgin reports.

Dumping oil

It has been discovered the pollution is caused by people dumping oil and the like that is finding its way into the Three Springs Brook, that being underground is difficult to discover exactly where the pollution is entering the stream as it can of course seep into it anywhere over it's length.

But with various tests the Environment Agency has narrowed the area where oil and other contaminants are entering the stream which it is understood in being poured—illegally—directly down surface water drains which result in pollution of the watercourse and subsequently the canal.

Boaters are being asked to report any sighting of pollution in the area to the Environment Agency, giving the exact location if possible.