It's going to be cold

Published: Wednesday, 12 January 2022

I BELIEVE the future of heating narrowboats (re choice of method of heating) is going to be rather fraught writes Paula Drew.

No power left for heating

The decision to go all-electric will put paid to that!  Stoves are certainly coming in for more rules and regulations, and diesel is a dirty word, so a boat dependent on charging points will have no power left for electric heating that's for sure.

Which of course just leaves gas, but an 'all-electric' boat can surely hardly be allowed gas.

On this theme, can anyone really see the penniless Canal & river Trust laying expensive power cables all along say the Shropshire Union Canal for charging facilities for us slowly moving liveaboards?  I usually stay in one place for the allowed time then move on but just cannot imagine that trust(?) proving all us thousands, it says are liveaboards, with sufficient power.

Staying plugged-in

Unless  we stay plugged-in.  And just imagine the arguments?  All those liveaboards all needing the very small number of charging points that Canal & River Trust can afford!

I for one see no solution if we have to go all-electric.  (And I also met, as did your Victor, that all-electric(?) boat that was charging its batteries with a Honda generator!) 

Incidentally I use a Mikuni heater, that gives me heat and hot water and serves me well.