The latest in 'narrow boating'

Published: Wednesday, 15 December 2021

I AM in the market for a new narrowboat, the old one having given 20 years of good service, writes Vincent Naylor..

Very new to the game

As there is no hurry, preferring to spend the winter on land, my wife and I have been to see the actual builders and though most offered boats with very little change from a standard narrowboat we came across one whose designer was obviously very new to the game, with the literature we were given saying their offering was 'the latest in narrow boating allowing you to tour in comfort' which I felt strange wording.

They were very pleased with their idea of underfloor heating, which we were told had electric elements running the whole length of the boat under the floor.  This neither of us could understand as with very cold water at one side of the elements we could not envisage much heat being given out and the elements would need a lot of power and certainly not practical.

'Living room comfort'

Then the 'kitchen' as it is called is at the front of the 60ft boat in a 'U' shape in bright stainless steel with more electric appliances.  Then comes the 'living room comfort' with a gigantic settee down one side and little else. Then two bedrooms with about the only good ideasliding doors. Ending up at what is called the 'rear' with what can only be described as a sort of scullery come larder—as far away from the 'kitchen' as you can get!  A small toilet was tucked away between the two bedrooms.

Asking where all the power came from we were told 'you just need to plug into the waterside outlets'!

Which just about sums it up!  Needless to say we gave it a miss!