Slowly does it—again

Published: Wednesday, 15 December 2021

IT IS slowly does it—againon the repair to a lock wall at Gargrave on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

EshtonRoad Lock2006October

The final boat was allowed through Eshton Road Lock (31) was way back on the 11th of October before it was deemed unsafe for access, Keith Gudgin reports.

The problem is the lock wall had broken and so had to be dewatered to allow engineers access to inspect the damage.

A month later, in November engineers carried out a laser survey of the lock, we are told, to determine the extent of damage to the towpath side wall.

Finally dewatered

Now, in December, we are informed the lock will finally be dewatered to allow detailed inspection to take place.

Then work will start in January to take down the wall.

And so it goes on...until Easter!