Explaining the name of Dover Locks pub

Published: Friday, 10 December 2021

WHILST your article about the fire at Dover Locks pub is correct in saying that there are no locks there, it might be of interest to extend the article to explain the name, writes Mike Todd.

The area once had extensive mining and the canal, the Leigh branch and the Bridgewater, suffered from significant subsidence. In some places it is so significant that the water level (and hence boaters as they cruise along) are in places close to the roof line of nearby houses.

Origanally two locks

Originally there were two locks at this location, hence the Dover Locks name. However, efforts to counteract the subsidence led to these being removed and, I seem to recall, being replaced by the two Poolstock locks closer to Wigan. The canal was realigned as well.

A lock at Plank Lane was also removed but the narrows remains adjacent to the (infamous) lift bridge. (Sorry, but I cannot track down the date of the works) see, amongst others, http://www.penninewaterways.co.uk/