Not lack of rain as CaRT reported

Published: Tuesday, 23 November 2021

I HAVE just read Victor's piece and his comments on the Grand Union at Cape locks Warwick, writes Dave Carden.

Nothing to do with lack of rain...

HattonEmptyPounds drained

The Lock 45 at Hatton has been drained along with the pounds thus stopping the only feed to the Hatton bottom to Cape Top Lock pound..

I understand that CaRT are putting a pump/bypass to sort this and they are taking off water off the Hatton to Knowle pound.

Normal practice would usually be to have a bypass in the first place to go around such a stoppage.

Incapable of maintaining pound

After the excellent dredging and piling project on the Knowle to Camp Hill pound that has just been completed CaRT are still incapable of maintaining that pound as well.

The whole area suffers from poor or lack of water management .

This is ironic to say the least as the national water management team and head cheese are based at Hatton locks!

Cannot get off moorings

I am always onto the local and national team to rectify loss of water which all too frequently means I and others cannot get off our moorings locally.

I urge everybody to get in touch with CaRT and point out problems when they arise in the hope they realise that they may learn and take on board how frustrating most of these avoidable problems can be.