Why no warnings?

Published: Wednesday, 17 November 2021

WITH the lack of water in the Trent as reported, why are there no warnings of grounding being issued for the rivers?

Many groundings

With the Trent being so low, surely the Soar for which over the the past months there have been many groundings of boats, warnings should be issued.

At the moment the river at the weir at Freeman's is showing just 0.186m ASD (Above Stage Datum—river bed), Keith Gudgin reports, so why are there no warnings?

This lack of depth at 0.186 Above Stage Datum is showing very near its lowest point Keith adds, so surely it would be prudent to issue a warning to boaters.

Excessive build-up of silt

With the excessive build-up of silt that has also been reported on the bed of the Soar, it would be very prudent indeed to warn at least deep draughted boats of the danger of grounding, that is now surely probable.

But there have been no such warnings issued. with Keith adding that there being so little water for the locks is such a rare event then surely a warning about low water levels would be very much advisable. After all 'It's better by water'unless you're stuck in the mud on the bottom!