Can we get compensation?

Published: Wednesday, 17 November 2021

MY WIFE, two children and myself took out the hire of a boat for a fortnight's holiday in September, writes Adrian Laughton.

It was brought to an abrupt halt as we were heading for the Llangollen Canal at those locks at Audlem, where we joined a great many other boats as a lock had broken down.

Stuck for a while

It was soon obvious from speaking with others that all were going to be stuck there for a while, as I was repeatedly told that 'this lot don't do anything in an hurry' and such like, referring I gather to a charity that manages the canals.

After staying on the boat we decided like others it was no joy, so made arrangements to leave and head back home, leaving our possessions in the boat and then collecting and informing the hire company.

Which brings me to the gist of this, in that is there any compensation for the loss of a week of the holiday and the expense and effort and trouble of getting our vehicle and back and forth at getting home?

No recompense

I realise the hire company has the trouble of getting its boat back, which is way away from its base, but it could not offer us a replacement and told that the holiday was broken through no fault of its own so would not recompense.

And does the hire company get any recompense?

What I learnt from speaking to others in the same situation, this is a regular occurrence, so thought some system would be in force.